This month has been so busy I didn't even realise I missed my own anniversary haha! September marks one year since I started my weekday show on capital XTRA.


Some of you already know the journey but I won't type an essay today on the 5 year struggle for those that don't. 

What I will say is this time last year I was sat on a bus at 3am in the morning writing a status that felt like an eternity. I had finally secured my own show on Capital Xtra! One year later I sit in the studio writing a blog post about it all, still just as excited as I was when I found out the news 12 months ago. 


They say that time flies when you're having fun, so I guess thats why this doesn't feel like a year right?

Never give up on the things that you are chasing or allow anyone to tell you what you cant do. 

Thanks for all your support this year and of course keeping me company every week night from 10pm.

Happy Anniversary to me :) 


Photography by - Tevin Jrdn

Words by - Jay London

Jay London